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Third Thursday #25: How I got my first Service Design Job

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One of the most popular questions we get asked at Service Design Melbourne is “How do I get into Service Design”. In March 2019 Third Thursday three people who have recently moved into service design will share their stories of how they got their first jobs in service design, and answer your questions. If you’re trying to get your first SD job, of if you’d like to know what practical tips you could do to help the next generation of service designers get started, you’ll enjoy this panel discussion.


• Kylie Blake, formerly working in change management, now working as a Journey Expert at ANZ

• Jas Bawa, trained in engineering, now working as a Designer at HCL with ANZ

• Siray Li, formerly a business analyst, now working as a Service Designer at RXP Services


• Mickey Rummery and Georgi Lewis

Hosted by RXP. After the panel discussion we’ll head to a local venue for drinks and catching up.


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