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Global Sustainability Jam 2015

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DateFriday 30 October - Sunday 1 November 2015
LocationLevel 2, Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000
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5pm – 10pm Friday 30 October 2015
8.30am – 6pm Saturday 31 October 2015
8.30am – 6pm Sunday 1 November 2015

Evolver is the Melbourne’s Global Sustainability Jam event in 2015. It is the Global Service Jam movement’s response to our sustainability crisis. The movement is committed to unleashing the creative and disruptive power of design-thinking on our sustainability individually, in community and on our planet.

This is a non-profit movement that invites people around the world to host simultaneous events that build new and novel products and services in the pursuit of better, human-centred interactions and services in the sustainability space.

Jams are about empathy, collaboration and experimentation. They promote co-design and participation. Come and stretch your understanding of what you are capable of creating in 19 intensive hours. A jam is a human-centred design-led hackathon. It uses the musical metaphor of “jamming” together, where a team of individuals who are unrelated come together to make great and new music. In a service design jam, the people are the musicians, their experience and imagination the instruments and the music made: novel products and services they could not create alone.

You will learn to use design-thinking methods to rapidly define and refine your ideas. Moving your ideas from concepts to prototypes. Prototyping is where the magic happens. Prototypes make your concept real in the world. They provide a reference that you can test with each other and with your market. Other people can play with your prototype, ask questions, add features, remove features, help you make something that others will be delighted to use.

Thank you again. Grab a ticket and join us at the Jam, we’d love to have you along.

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