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Design & Ethics #3 2019: How does time and relationships matter in human-centred design?

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Design and Ethics is a series of events hosted by Service Design Melbourne to come together and build capacities around ethical issues.

In Design & Ethics #3 2019 event, we hosted friends from North America – Shana Agid (Parsons School of Design New York), Sean Donahue (Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena) and Myriam Doremy Diatta (Mind-Matter Studio, NY). This experienced panel of designers and scholars have rich practices in crossing borders in various ways. Hosted by Yoko Akama  at RMIT, this panel discussion invited the participants to speak through their practices to share how time and relationships matters and shapes the way they enact human-centred design.

This was recorded as a podcast for the series, HCD Chats over Sushi and Sake 2019. This podcast is a continuum of the series, HCD chats over Cheese and Wine in 2018 that involved candid discussions by a mix of academics and practitioners for the Masters of Design Futures (RMIT). This series navigates through some of the challenging and contested dimensions of human-centred design.

Links to resources by the participants:

• Breaking Up Assumptions I’ve Heard about How Emotions Work: Myriam Doremy Diatta think piece about 3 of the underlying beliefs people have shared over the years

• Making and Negotiating Value: Co-authored article by Shana Agid and Elizabeth Chen on design and collaboration with community led groups

Defining Practices by Sean Donahue Website

On Design Research, Ethics and Dilemmas of Engagement: proceedings from a conference

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