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Hits & Near Misses: Design and Innovation at WorkSafe Victoria

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Date: Thursday 23rd July 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Remote event via Zoom, link upon registration

WorkSafe Victoria is on a journey to become more prevention-led, empathetic and intentional in its approach to innovation. Andrew Barrie (Innovation Lead) will discuss the hits, misses and things we have learnt while establishing a small, but impactful, design practice inside our state’s Health and Safety regulator.

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Don Norman explains why he doesn’t believe empathy is enough and explores its practical and moral limitations.

From the archive and highly relevant today, Eric Meyers provides guidance and insight into designing for crisis.

Design for the new abnormal by avoiding the nostalgia trap and explore new strategies, abstract methods, portals and magic in Philip McKenzie’s great article.

Read about the power of embracing constraints and designing for complexity with great case studies and insights from Craig Walker’s Marty Brown.

This is Doing:

New online courses are now available covering the many areas of design, from digital journey mapping, pitching and HCD, to more business focused topics such as product management and how to lead conversations.

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CX Collective (NZ):

On July 28th New Zealand’s CX Collective is running an online course to explore gamifying the customer experience as part of their resilience series.

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