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Valuing Design: mapping design impact and value
by Joyce Yee, Hazel White & Lindsey Lennon
Scaffolding Innovation through Human-Centred Design
by Jacqueline Wechsler
The role of mindset in user centred design
by Zaana Howard & Simon Lawry
Customer Experience 2015
Embodying, enacting and entangling design: a phenomenological view to co-designing services
by Yoko Akama & Alison Pendriville
Good Design Awards: Service Design
Warts-and-all: the real practice of service design
by Yoko Akama
Global Service Jam Melbourne 2015
27/02/15 - 01/03/15
Huddle Design Week
24/02/15 - 27/02/15
Industry Mingle: Isobar
February UX Bookclub
DESIAP: From Things to Services
05/02/15 - 06/02/15
ServDes.2014 Service Futures
09/04/14 -11/04/14

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